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Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Zurich This Summer.

View into the old town of Zurich. ©Zürich Tourismus
Take a look towards Limmat and Lindenhof. ©Zürich Tourismus

It's the most beautiful time of the year in Switzerland and we have more to offer than just mountains and cows. It's time to go on a voyage of discovery.


One of the most popular destinations? The city of Zurich, which combines picturesque nature with modern city lifestyle. So what are the most beautiful places that should be visited in Zurich? What are the hot spots? Here something is to be found for every taste so let us tempt you with a few ideas for a most enjoyable short trip to Zurich.

Reason #1 - Countless Instagram Locations

Panoramic view from Waidberg. ©Zürich Tourismus

No matter for which social media you are hunting for some awesome shots, Zurich offers you a huge choice! Here are our favourite locations, adding that litte je ne sais quoi to your posts:


New Botanical Garden - Beautiful exotic plants under an elegant glass dome? This offers loads of potential for the best shots!


Viewpoint Waid - The almost endless mountain panorama with the skyline of Zurich provides a feeling of freedom, which will also infect your followers.


MFO Park Oerlikon – An intriguing steel structure, a little water and lots of plants, this is almost a manual for urban photos with Like guarantee.


The view from the Prime Tower or the view of the Prime Tower from the Freitag Store - It's best to combine both locations, because they are only about 5 minutes apart and both offer a great view that can easily be captured with your camera.


A tour of the old town - Stroll through the old town, climb the Karlsturm near the Grossmünster and enjoy the picturesque old town idyll. Whoever can't find good subjects for photos here has probably chosen the wrong hobby.

Reason #2 - Zurich Zoo has developed rapidly

Jungle in Zurich: Masoala Hall in Zurich Zoo. ©Zürich Tourismus

The city of Zurich is constantly developing and so is the zoo. Those who may think to have seen it already, should reconsider. Zurich Zoo represents a fascinating symbiosis of modern architecture with a stunning natural environment in which the animal kingdom can thrive to its heart’s content.   Besides the internationally known Masoala Hall, which takes you directly into the rainforest without a the expensive flight, Zurich Zoo also offers lovingly designed areas such as the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park or the newly opened Lewa-Savanna, where giraffes and rhinoceros have found their home. You have wanderlust and want to discover another world? Then the lovingly extended Zurich Zoo is the perfect place for you.

Reason #3 - The old town as seen from the water or from the land

Explore Zurich with the Limmatboat. ©Zürich Tourismus

As with every good trip to a historic city, the old-town should not be missed and this is especially true for Zurich. We recommend you check out these monumental buildings from the water as well as the land, as both have their own charm. By Limmat-boat we set off from the National Museum heading upriver under the Limmat’s many bridges that connect the picturesque old-town on either sides. Afterwards, we stroll through the charming alleys, which take us back to a time long before Corona. On the riverbank, cafés and bars invite you to linger and you can discover many exciting shops offering much more than the normal run of the mill.


Discover Zurich from the water. ©Zürich Tourismus
One of the many Badis along the Limmat: Frauenbadi at Stadthausquai. ©Zürich Tourismus

Reason #4 - The old industry in district 5 as an urban lifestyle paradise

Those who prefer an urban delicacy to nature can satisfy their hunger for adventure in district 5. Under the arches of the Latvian and Aussersihl viaducts there are some unique shops, restaurants and bars with a charm of their own. After a short visit to the Freitag-Tower, the tour takes us straight to Frau Gerold's Garten with its exciting range of gastronomy and casual shops, buzzing with an intriguing atmosphere of urban shabby-chic look.


Shopping in the viaduct arches in district 5. ©Zürich Tourismus

Reason #5 – Letten and the Unicorns

Unicorns? Don’t worry, your eyes are fine.. The locals love floating on inflatable unicorns or boats downriver from Letten to Dietikon. You can admire the funniest characters, you might even spot people who barbecue on their rubber dinghies... wonders never cease! The whole area around Letten is well worth exploring. Along the banks of the Limmat there are public swimming pools, bars, restaurants and even a volleyball field and a skate park. Either watch them or join them – but don’t miss this colourful hustle and bustle of the Letten.


A trip on the Limmat in a rubber boat. ©Zürich Tourismus

Reason #6 - The Green Areas around Lake Zurich

Relaxed evening mood at the lake of Zurich. ©Zürich Tourismus

The most beautiful time of the year is upon us and life takes place outdoors again. The green spots around Lake Zurich are dearly loved by the locals. Stroll along the lake shore, rent a pedalo on the water or enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the Saffa-Inseli with a portable barbeque or delicious picnic. Almost all of the parks around the lake offer easy access to the water for a refreshing swim in between.


Very idyllic, even though it is in the middle of a big city. Lake Zurich. ©Zürich Tourismus
Uto-Quai on Lake Zurich. ©Zürich Tourismus

Holidays in Switzerland? In Zurich definitely a good idea!

As you can see, there is a lot to experience in Zurich and this list is only a small sampler of out of oodles of temptations of our charming city on the Limmat. Have we whet your appetite for adventure? Can’t wait to plan your short trip to Zurich? Then book the right room at Acasa Suites for your journey of discovery.

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